Monday, 11 May 2015

To the soldier that never came home

As a part of our ANZAC inquiry we had to make a piece of writing to the unknown or to the soldier that never came home. we also had to make sure we had about 5 paragraphs and asked some questions built around the things we learnt in our inquiry work.
the soldier that never came home

Since I can not talk to you in person I will write to you. I do not know your name but I want you to know that I have thought hard about the day that you died and how you had put your name down for the people of your country.

What was it like that day when you first tried on you uniform? Where you exited for the big adventure, or nervous for the day that you would leave all your family and friends.

I can not imagine the day that you landed in the unexpected place, with very hot, dry land. How did you feel when you heard all those deafening sounds for the first time? Or when you held a gun that was going to be used to put other peoples live to an end.

Walking through the masses of dead bodies that where your friends, before you knew that you would die, what was that like? Were you there when all of them just fell to the ground with one single gunshot.

I have heard that most of the food you ate was decomposed is that true? was that all you had to eat?

What about the weapons or heavy uniform you had to wear in the hottest days. As well as clinging onto your gun with hot sweaty hands. Screaming for help if you had badly injured yourself or slowly falling to the ground. Did you give up on saving yourself? Or was it too late?

I know I am only 10 years old but I still remember you every ANZAC day because you went out to save the lives of the people you belong to, you died for us all.
Kind regards Mili Kitiona

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