Friday, 27 March 2015

river infograph

In class we have been working on info-graphics about the river study that we did at camp. We had to add most of the information that we learnt at camp and some that we read about, this infograph should tell you about the river. 

My Mihimihi

My Mihimihi

                    Tena koutou
Ko Mili ahau
No Hastings ahau   
Ko Te Mata te maunga
Ko Tukituki te awa   
Ko HNPS te kua
ki Te Mihi
Tena tatou katoa

In week three for homework we had to make a mihimihi about us.

Journey through the mind of Mili

For one of our first pieces of writing we had to write about ourselves.
Journey through the mind

Take a trip inside my mind,  it will seem crazy but fun.

At times my, mind thinks of unicorns flying all around, but then I switch back on and I'm doing my work.

I have a constant thought of a  monster sneaking up behind my back, I feel weird but freaked out!
I dream of an amazing dancer, “Welcome Mili Kitiona to the stage”.
It would be awesome.

I wonder sometimes why a unicorn has a horn, and why a cat has a tail.

My hope that in 10 or more years I could met a crazy alien.

I can often be found in the clouds thinking about my school work.

When no one is watching I sneak up behind them and give them a big fright.

This year I would like to work harder, concentrate and finish more.