Friday, 7 November 2014

Communication technology 2004---------2014

Me And Annabel made a time line of the different ways to communicate in 2004---------2014

Sugar skull art

These are our sugar skull art work that we did in class.

    Mili's                                                   Henrietta

Friday, 17 October 2014

Storm Sprites

Art Deco


Camp In The River


The Eye By Harriet And Mili


Reader theatre

No rules in the playground

Camp Horror Story

Once upon a time in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep
in a crave  a person awoke it was a ghost.
than zombies started appearing out of shadows .
they  walking all around mountain valley camp.
cabin two all woke up, the girls were frightened, they all heard the sounds of the monsters.
good thing they all packed  a torch.
but the girls didn't dare to turn them on.
the door flung open it was the one and only ghost the ghost of mountain valley camp it must of heard as talk said Eva, he walked right in luckily Harriet had insect repellent she sprayed  all around the the ghost had gone.
but the zombies were still outside .
by Mili

We Need Camp

We need camp!

Although not everybody would agree, I want to say that we should have camp!I have several reasons for arguing this point of view. Firstly, we take risks and do things we never would think about doing while we are on camp.

A further reason is we learnt so much from camp such as river safety, forest skills, wildlife and to have fun. I know this from all the great outdoor education teachers that helped us. Rory Mccallum said  FEAR is  False Evidence Appearing Real. At camp we learn to manage this.

Furthermore teachers such as Mrs Burns like to go on camp to see the other side of children and how well they co-operate together in activities such as rafting, hut building and pioneering. 

Finally we know we can keep costs down by going to cheaper camps such as St Columba's camp that is $8.00 per person per night or Guthrie Smith is $25.00 per child per night. They are a lot cheaper and affordable for parents to pay.

I believe that going to camp can raise our outdoor skills and we spend less time on electronics at home. We need camp back!

Mili Kitiona

Friday, 23 May 2014

pick up your own dog poo

Dear editor

I think that dog owners should pick up their own dog poo,
imagine what would it be like if no one picked up their dog’s poo
a walk in the park would become a dog poo maze!
even on beaches you would see it.

The council puts many bins all around and dog owners should have rubbish bags they could use so there are no excuses.  

If i was a dog owner than I would pick up my dogs poo to keep the environment clean that is what all the dog owners should do.

Lets try make NZ walkways poo free

Maths like a pirate 2


                                         Maths like a pirate 

last Friday for maths we did maths like a pirate challenge 2.We had to use newspaper and cellotape to make a bridge in between to chairs, then we saw how many  eggs it could hold, this was done  in groups.                                                                           we had to write down the maths in it  and what was the hardest part to make. In our group the hardest thing was  probably the making of it.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My First Ballet Recital

My First Ballet Recital

I tip toed  on stage. As the music started I said to myself   
“I can do this”.

I had a smile as big as a crocodile’s grin. I was on stage in the opera house.

Suddenly I was not nervous any more.  I felt the warmth of the bright lights shining on me.  I saw my ballet teachers in the wings smiling back at me.  The music carried me as I danced like the little China doll I was supposed to be.                                 

We all shuffled daintily on our tippy toes into a long line. We did a little turn on the spot with our fingers pointing beside our grinning cheeks. I felt so light skipping all around the stage.  

I felt so happy to be performing the dance we had practiced so many times!   As the music finished, we danced off the stage, still smiling proud.

That was my first recital!