Friday, 27 March 2015

Journey through the mind of Mili

For one of our first pieces of writing we had to write about ourselves.
Journey through the mind

Take a trip inside my mind,  it will seem crazy but fun.

At times my, mind thinks of unicorns flying all around, but then I switch back on and I'm doing my work.

I have a constant thought of a  monster sneaking up behind my back, I feel weird but freaked out!
I dream of an amazing dancer, “Welcome Mili Kitiona to the stage”.
It would be awesome.

I wonder sometimes why a unicorn has a horn, and why a cat has a tail.

My hope that in 10 or more years I could met a crazy alien.

I can often be found in the clouds thinking about my school work.

When no one is watching I sneak up behind them and give them a big fright.

This year I would like to work harder, concentrate and finish more.

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