Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My First Ballet Recital

My First Ballet Recital

I tip toed  on stage. As the music started I said to myself   
“I can do this”.

I had a smile as big as a crocodile’s grin. I was on stage in the opera house.

Suddenly I was not nervous any more.  I felt the warmth of the bright lights shining on me.  I saw my ballet teachers in the wings smiling back at me.  The music carried me as I danced like the little China doll I was supposed to be.                                 

We all shuffled daintily on our tippy toes into a long line. We did a little turn on the spot with our fingers pointing beside our grinning cheeks. I felt so light skipping all around the stage.  

I felt so happy to be performing the dance we had practiced so many times!   As the music finished, we danced off the stage, still smiling proud.

That was my first recital!

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