Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Powerless quick write

This week for writing we had to watch a video, called powerless then we had to chose if we wanted to retell a short part of the story or we could be one of the characters that experience this. Once we had finished our quick writes we highlighted level 3 and 4 writing features.

The cold dark night sent me to sleep very quickly. I was dreaming. But all of a sudden I could hear the thumping step of all my hard work-fail, no progress. He had awoken. The robot, tall and stubborn, walked right outside during the night, his eyes bright green.
I didn't notice until I finally stepped outside, to see him standing by a brown, long log by the tall leaning trees, underneath the log was a light. A bright red light.

Quickly, I rush over to  help the robot. As we struggled to get him out, I realised that I wasn't the one to set him free. There was something inside of him. Something that wasn't meant to be.
When the light escaped from under the log, it flew away. But all of a sudden so did he, the light from the robot flew away too.

He was gone.

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