Friday, 17 October 2014

We Need Camp

We need camp!

Although not everybody would agree, I want to say that we should have camp!I have several reasons for arguing this point of view. Firstly, we take risks and do things we never would think about doing while we are on camp.

A further reason is we learnt so much from camp such as river safety, forest skills, wildlife and to have fun. I know this from all the great outdoor education teachers that helped us. Rory Mccallum said  FEAR is  False Evidence Appearing Real. At camp we learn to manage this.

Furthermore teachers such as Mrs Burns like to go on camp to see the other side of children and how well they co-operate together in activities such as rafting, hut building and pioneering. 

Finally we know we can keep costs down by going to cheaper camps such as St Columba's camp that is $8.00 per person per night or Guthrie Smith is $25.00 per child per night. They are a lot cheaper and affordable for parents to pay.

I believe that going to camp can raise our outdoor skills and we spend less time on electronics at home. We need camp back!

Mili Kitiona

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